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Imagnative Pencil is now featuring the surreal pencil art of Justin Michael Jenkins on

Instagram! Feel free to browse through the art and read the thousands of comments from

various artists, collectors, and fans of the artists work. We will be posting pictures of the artist working on his drawings and some never been seen before shots of him in his studio in the

future. We will also be posting products from the store as well as book updated photos. A

great place to get an inside visual track on whats going behind closed doors at the studio of Imaginative Pencil and the artist.


Visit the INSTAGRAM Gallery here

Art Wanted Portfolio

With over 2,100 comments on Justin's work, has been the staple for online

artist communities and galleries for over 15 years with an astonishing 58000 artists! Justin

has been featured on the homepage and was a top rated artist for many years. This is a great place to read thousands of reviews and critiques about the artists work and get an idea of what others think about his surreal art and style. We also have featured some of the artists paintings

on the site t go along with the drawings from the "Genesis Collection."


View the Portfolio here

Pencil Artist of the Week

Justin has been featured on as "Pencil Artist of the Week." Alexander Poirier,

who publishes and seeks out to find new talent, had this to say about Justin's drawings:

"This week’s featured artist is pencil artist Justin Jenkins, a surreal artist who plays with

color, form and shape to create pencil drawings that unlike anything we have ever featured

on And, considering, we have profiled over 100 different artists, that’s saying

quite a lot."


See the Artist of the Week Feature


Featured Artist

Justin's work is one of the featured galleries on, a website devoted to top

surreal artists from around the globe. It is also a community to share art and information about surrealism throughout the world. The artist showcases 24 of his drawings from the "Genesis Collection" and is voted in the top 50 of all the surreal artists featured on the whole site. To

check out the gallery and for more information about this unique community, visit the link

below to see Justin's gallery.


See Justin's Featured Gallery

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