Meet the artist

Justin Michael Jenkins

In search of his creative style, the journey from a young creative child to a student at art school became one of endless curiosity and growth. Almost instinctively, the artist began to fuse color with imagination, setting sail on a journey into waters where the spirit and mind collide resulting in bold visions. The artist sets out to depict the ordinary world in a extraordinary way by looking at life upside down and inside out. Putting on surreal glasses to the artist was like being guided by a compass on a ship, where they led him to interesting explorations into the heart of life. The distant shores of unknown landscapes and colorful worlds fills the artists mind and drives his curiosity even further into creative journeys. One of the artists personal quotes below:


"Look upside down and study inside out. Take the journey to the core of life's foundations. Here you will find the beating heart of truth."


Early Years

As a young child, Justin started drawing portraits of historical figures. This drove his curiosity further.

School Years

On a scholarship for art, Justin began his creative education at WVU College of Creative Arts.

Developing Years

The artist started out creating large acrylic canvas paintings that started to infuse color.

Later Years

Inspired and mature, the artist ambitiously set out to create 144 drawings called "The Genesis Collection."

Artist Statement

My creative journey has been one filled with many rewards. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than to sit down and create another vision filled with color that represents my unique spin on life. I enjoy thinking outside the box and the challenge of new ideas manifesting into visual forms. I have naturally gravitated towards a surreal outlook on life and try to envision worlds where we look at things inside out and upside down in order to extract the heart of truth. My passion for creating lies in the nucleus of this idea and is what drives me to further my creative aspirations. The further I dive into the unknown and let my curiosity lead the way, the more I want to learn and grow as an artist. There is something transcendent about the process of creating that enables me to reach further into life and take visual risks while at the same time challenging me to come up with new visions and exciting new frontiers. This exploration has become my parachute into new worlds where color surrounds me and forms become part of me. The whole process is a cathartic revelation that enables me to connect to a higher energy or power like a lightning rod and harness the creative potentials within me. Channeling these forces inspires me to new creative horizons.

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