graham elliot

Michelin Star Chef                                                      Host of FOX show MASTERCHEF



"As a chef I have a tendency to look and

appreciate not only the craftsmanship of

everything I come in contact with, but also

the artistry. It is for this reason that I truly appreciate, respect and enjoy the work of

Justin Jenkins. He inspires me to make

beautiful food every time I see his work."


Susan Polgar

Former Women’s World Chess Champion

"Very bold, very striking, very unique, and very creative! That is how I would describe the work of Justin Jenkins. I have never seen any chess art work like this before. Justin is an incredibly gifted artist and designer. He has done various projects for me and they came out great. I highly recommend him."

Andrew Metrick

Professor of Finance at Yale School of Management

"A fantastic artist and creator of detailed and thoughtful work. I purchased 3 chess drawings from his chess collection and was thrilled at the detail. It was a great investment. Thanks Justin for the unique visual perspective on chess."

John Enright

CEO of Arctura - Lead Mural Artist

"This is an artist with an amazing and prolific vocabulary in the visual art world. His work is constantly evolving and enlightening on many levels that force us to look at our world in a new way. I have always been very impressed with his style and impact on the art world with his amazing works."

Gary Holland

President of For the Children, Inc.

"Justin is what I would term an out-of-the-box thinker in his creative endeavors. His art is extremely imaginative. His marketing of his work via his website Imaginative Pencil is exemplary. I would recommend him to anybody who is searching for a designer or fine artist for consulting on all things creative."

Nira DaBush

Textile Designer, Fine Artist, Photographer

"Justin Jenkins, is a very creative, talented artist. His art, reflects his inextricable mind. His artworks are done professionally, and his surreal art, makes one think. A good friend of artists... with extraordinary imagination."


Paul Scott Malone

Abstract Artist

"The first thing one notices about Justin Jenkins artwork is motion. The eye and the spirit are led from one compelling place on the artwork to another and done so with delicate and expert craftsmanship. From what I've seen, Justin would be a terrific addition to any kind of design project. In fact, I would suggest he manage the whole thing."


Jody Mc Grath

Abstract Painter

"The Art of Justin Jenkins speaks volumes in an era where few artisans are availing themselves of the age old pencil. Justin has wrapped himself in totality with said medium. Bringing it to new heights of soul searching craftmanship and bliss. A true Artist."

Solomon Walker

Founder/CEO at Museum of DIGITAL FINE ARTS

"Justin is blessed with a vivid imagination filled with a storehouse of thought-provoking subjects and his paintings and drawings takes viewers on a cinematic journey of colourful exploration into the evolution of mankind's never-ending quest, to cipher, to explain, to shuffle the mental processes for answers to his/her existence in the universe."

meet the artist

Justin Michael Jenkins

My passion for creating lies in my neverending curiosity for life and is what drives me to further my creative aspirations. The further I dive into the unknown and let my curiosity lead the way, the more I want to learn and grow as an artist. There is something transcendent about the process of creating that enables me to reach further into life and take visual risks while at the same time challenging me to come up with new visions and exciting new frontiers.


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