Compassion from Creativity (c) is a foundation that was inspired by the need to help the world and give back. I feel that creative talent is a blessing from above and there is nothing more important than giving back to those around us by channeling our gifts for the good of the people. Let our visions and creations manifest hope to those who need it by donating the rewards we get from our god given talents in a beneficial way to the world. I have a desire to give back what was given to me and to get other talented creative artists involved in this journey. The world needs art and creativity needs the world for inspiration. 

Foundation Mission:  We are dedicated to harnessing creativity as an instrument for positive social change. Using the power of creativity to make our world a better place is the prime motivation behind the foundation and its mission. Our mission is to use art and creativity as a way to assist those who are less fortunate. From assisting the homeless with various donations to helping children who are hungry get access to quality meals and food, our aim is to promote art as a vehicle for change and strength, not just as a visual power within the world. We go beyond the mediums and use the gift of art and creativity as a way of transcending life in many worthwhile and supportive ways. 


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