31 Drawings Featured

Justin has hand selected 31 of his favorite drawings in this first volume edition. Five collections are highlighted with five works from each collection. Chess, Anatomy, Mind, Sprituality, and Scientific Abstracts are highlighted.

Artist Interview

The artist has appeared on various radio shows, television programs, and events. We have taken some of the most important questions and highlighted them in a personal section where he answers them for readers.

Art Critiques

Feedback from scholars, collectors, and various artists provide insight into each work of art. Various intepretations of the work are highlighted and showcased for the reader further enhancing the concepts.

160 pages in full color

Our first volume includes 160 pages in n full color with 31 drawings featured. Each drawing is enlarged with an individual page so the reader can get a close up look at the details. Coffee table square book 7.5" X 7.5".

Elements of Justins Work

The elements of shape, imagination, color, and form are covered in detail. The artist explains the importance of each and how it is unified in his own work. Each element is broken down into its own chapter.

Analysis of Drawings

Conclusions are drawn from the body of work and a final analysis of where the artists work stands and where it is headed is covered in detail. Many insights never revealed before are explained in this book.

Ready to embark on a visual surreal journey?

A wonderful edition to any personal library

Artist Justin Michael Jenkins' surreal landscapes that excavate deep into the heart of life are vivid snapshots of worlds he explores through his own unique view of the world and the expansive universe that encompasses it. This book opens up these worlds and lets you in to get a sneak peek of this complex landscape.


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